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J. L. Farey (Jennifer, to her friends) was born in Hollywood, California. For the first ten years of her life, home was an apartment above a mortuary one block away from Hollywood & Vine where she watched Dark Shadows with her mother and heard tales of her Hungarian grandfather and his good friend, fellow Hungarian, Bela Lugosi. It's no surprise she ended up writing paranormal romantic comedies. She now lives in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, with her British husband, the best cabbie in town. When she’s not busy spinning tales, she enjoys playing tabletop games, attending live theater and movies, and singing at the top of her lungs to whatever happens to be playing on Pandora. Jennifer loves hearing from readers. You can contact her via Facebook or her website.

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Las Vegas author J. L. Farey
The Nymph Next Door - Paranormal romantic comedy by JL Farey

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