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Meet Bailey

When I wrote The Nymph Next Door, I knew I wanted Laurel, the wood nymph, to have a dog. What I didn't know is that he would end up talking and saving the day. It's one of those magical things that happen in a story, when a character becomes so real, he takes over his destiny. It makes him especially lovable. As does the fact that Bailey is based on a real-life dog.

Bronx is just like Bailey, minus the ability to talk

This is my grand-doggy, Bronx. He's a pit bull mix, owned by my son and daughter-in-law. It was while keeping Bronx for a week (his parents were out of town for Thanksgiving) that I decided he was exactly like Bailey. Except for being able to talk. I'm still waiting for that surprise!

Bailey was such a hit that he got a bigger part in The Nymph Takes Nashville. Not only that, but he meets a lovely lady dog. You'll meet her soon...

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